Sunday, October 6, 2013

How a San Francisco CEO uses his Intel-Powered...

How #IntelTablets help people on the go!

How a San Francisco CEO uses his Intel-Powered...

Faizan Buzdar (Convo's CEO): My tablet acts as a wifi hotspot for my laptop which at times has been a life saver before a few critical meetings. I had a customer meeting and they had mega issues with guest internet connectivity so I gave the demo on my laptop using the tablet wifi hotspot. I have also migrated a lot of my book reading to the tablet. I recently forced myself to read some negotiation stuff on an hour long train ride to a meeting and that turned out to be really useful. There are times when I would think twice about opening my laptop, but it would be a no-brainer to take out my tablet. I tend to do last minute reviews of presentations and legal docs much more comfortably on my tablet whether I am in a cab, train...Read More
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