Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tablet Photo Album

{Our wedding gallery on the tablet!}

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is our new photo album!! Our wedding photos are in a private Dropbox folder that we can access seamlessly on the tablet. I logged on to Dropbox from the tablet, and our photos were automatically put into the Gallery. We love using our tablet as a photo album! It's a fantastic way to share our photos with friends and family. The colors and photos look absolutely gorgeous on the tablet, and it's fantastic to have a light and portable way to bring our photos anywhere. We also used it to browse through all of our photos and pick out the ones we wanted to print for our wedding frames. We were able to download our favorites from Dropbox onto the tablet so that we knew which ones we wanted to order. Now, if only we'd had a tablet prior to the wedding, I can't imagine how useful it would have been as a wedding planner.

{Framed wedding photos}


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