Sunday, November 17, 2013

Traveling Tablets

{Taken on the flight with my tablet!}

A few weeks ago, I took a one day trip for a face-to-face meeting. I stayed over with friends so that I would be closer to the airport. I flew out early in the morning and came back late in the evening. On that trip, I wanted to be able to check my personal email and social media accounts at my friends' place as well as have entertainment on the flights. Enter my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3!!!

With the Overdrive App for Android, I could download and read a book from the library. I have the Brain Yoga App, so I could play some fun games to break up the reading. And I could check Twitter, email, and Instagram without having to pull out my cumbersome work laptop. Plus I could easily share some of our wedding photos with my friends! The screen is gorgeous and displays all of the colors in the photos wonderfully. 

Tablets are fantastic for traveling! I am really looking forward to bringing mine with me when we head back to the east coast to visit our families for the holidays. No heavy laptop for me! I can check everything I need and more on my light little tablet. I won't need a laptop bag - my tablet fits nicely in its case in my purse. Plus, it's so much easier to use in small spaces like an airplane seat. My Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is my new favorite travel accessory! What's yours?


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