Friday, December 6, 2013

Keeping Up with Blogs

{Screenshot of the Feedly News Reader}

How do you keep up with the blogs you love? Originally, I just bookmarked my favorites and visited them every week. Then I downloaded a free reader on my laptop. Now, I have the easy and convenient Feedly News Reader on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, and I love it!

The photos on blog posts are gorgeous and clear on the tablet's screen, and the news reader is a wonderful way for me to keep up with the blogs I love. It's really easy to scroll through previews of posts and then open up the ones I want to the read in more detail. The previews are fantastic because I can view several blogs in one screen, and it saves time from having to open up each post and decide whether or not I want to read the full story.

I can also save posts for later within the reader. I like to save recipes for us to make as well as my favorite DIY projects. We use this feature all the time! My husband and I both love using the tablet for cooking. It's easy to find recipes and easy to prop the tablet up on the table or counter. My husband also loves that he can now watch his favorite shows on his laptop while using the tablet for recipes instead of having to use his laptop for everything and pause his show every time he had to check the recipe again. 

It's a really fantastic way to get the latest updates from my favorite blogs and keep track of our favorite recipes. I don't think we could ever go back!


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